How to Drive a E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Golf carts are typically for you to use while golfing and ENJOY the time you are there. However, there are many other uses for a golf cart. Regardless of how you use it, you should know how to drive it to be safe and enjoy your time.

Step 1
Get in the golf cart.

Step 2
Turn the key to the on position. (If the cart has lights, most of the time you turn the key all the way to the on and light position.)

Step 3
Press the brake or hit the gas to get the parking brake off.

Step 4
Gently press the gas.

Step 5
To brake let off the gas and hit the lower part of the brake.

Step 6
Now that your stopped, press the top part of the brake that pivots and continue pressing it until it locks into the latch

Step 7
Turn the cart off and get out.


Wanted to let you know I just bought an EZGO from Action Golf Cart, 480-649-5529. They were much nicer and easier to work with than A-1. Without any bargaining they beat the A-1 price by over $1,000. GREAT PLACE!
Terry and Pam Swingle
Trilogy Golf Club @ Power Ranch

- Terry Swingle